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Make Every Adventure ​Outdoor Fabulous​!

Hi! I’m Kelly Fedio, founder and proud mom-trepreneur. After years of trying to juggle being a wife and mother of two, having a career and constantly feeling stressed and stretched, I decided to make a major change. I wanted more flexibility, more freedom and, honestly, a whole lot more fun in the work I do. So, we packed up, and moved to Redondo Beach, California where our whole family wanted to be together, and I started a family business called One Savvy Life.

It started out with one product, the Savvy Infusion water bottle, a clever solution that helps women drink more water by infusing beverages with the natural flavor of fruits, herbs and even spices. It was created from personal experience and became a runaway hit and top seller on Amazon ever since.

Now, we’re on a bigger mission to make the experiences we share outdoors a little bit easier and a lot more fabulous! And with that, we launched our flagship brand, One Savvy Girl.

We strive to bring comfort, convenience and style to every outdoor adventure. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, a day at the beach, a backyard barbecue, or a weekend camping in the mountains, One Savvy Girl creates innovative products with a distinct "fun factor", that women can feel proud to share with their family and friends as an expression of their outdoorsy lifestyle.

We're inspired every day by the incredible area we live in. We love anything that helps us get outside more, and believe that a life truly lived is one that is full of adventure and exploration in the great outdoors.

So what are you waiting for?

Kelly Fedio
One Savvy Girl